July 28, 2011

Someone's popping my nuts off...

I can't believe my eyes when I read it.

I just had to share with all who reads here. Damn, I just had to.

I'm talking about some anonymous who aptly signed off as <jackass -.-"> as well as commented on my previous post. Let's see what <jackass =.="> commented.

ok firstly you can't even see her face clearly with some scribble across her face, and also if you want us the general public to see you in 'au natural' at least get a better camera ffs and not obscure your face,

in regards to your 2nd picture now i'm sure right if i put my arse beside it or infact me beside it i'll look good too why not take someone who actually looks good after surgery?

and lastly about her last picture, 1) i dont like her cos she's a hoe who runs her mouth on things she does not know e.g the general election. 2) if she PS so? surgey so? i dun thk it's your goddamn business but with what you said now she does actually look prettier then you

now you seem like you have loads of confident in yourself in your looks, i like that in a girl but sadly not in a girl like you learn not to run your mouth and you'll seem prettier 

jackass -_-"
Ok jackass -_-", firstly I commend you for your unbiased and perceptive observations. You, my dear, has just brought myopia to greater heights, probably to a level where even uber-nerds might not ever dream of achieving. You literally merged "super" into that word. That's definitely a wow factor going on there.

For your well-being, please visit your nearest eyecare clinic.

Secondly, if you still have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about or what an apparent and obvious dud a modern human being can ever put on oneself, let me enlighten you. I'm male, bro. Oh sorry, I mean sista.

Thirdly, I do not wish to over-exaggerate and categorise this as an epic fail but well, who knows? Different people, different opinions.

Therefore, the floodgates are open, people! Read my previous post first, then read what our dear jackass -.-" had kindly commented. Have yourselves a good laugh.

Thanks jackass -.-", you made my day. (^.^)y

July 25, 2011

O' Natural

Now take a look at this.

My girl.

Why does one need cosmetic surgery when all you need is a cat-eared hairband and an authentic-award winning-time tested-weatherproof pose like this?

Ok now look at this.

Win liao right? Ok nevermind, it was a really ugly and extreme case. Too extreme for local context. Well then, let's go local and take a look at our famous so-called 'Photoshop' queen. Post-surgery, I believe.

This one dunno got PSed before or not, I dunno. Either way, got chio-er meh? Her PSed photos dun say. I dunno why she want to make herself look like those Jap AV girls. See the 1st pic? So nice so natural so unedited. I <3.

So those of you who want to look as good, I teach you.
Cat-ear hairband is the best.
Daiso. $2 only. Buy now.

May 3, 2011

Elections, voting and popcorn

Finally after nearly 30 years of my life, I get to finally cast a vote on Voting Day. Where am I? I'm right smack in the hotseat of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC where for the first time in my life I'm not experiencing a boring walkover. Finally there's someone who is competent enough to raise and pique any interest from the people here. Finally there can be some change. Understandably, I know who I will vote for, with Obama in mind. Change is good.

It doesn't matter what our dear Lao Lee said about people regretting their votes. I mean, what's there to regret? My estate already had its upgrading. What, you gonna take them down? I don't think so. Instead, what will probably happen is that my vote may very well take the ruling party out. Cos I can.

I think it's just plain narrow-minded of Lao Lee to say all those biting words, especially in this age and time. Most of us are not coolie workers. Most of us are not fishermen. Most of us are not simple peasants. We citizens work and earn income and pay taxes and pay ERP and whatnots. The nation and government depends on us now. The people are your only means of sustenance. On this small island, with only granite and a little stone here and there as our only natural resources, I really do feel suppressed if the government are putting things in that very kind of perspective where I find myself with no other choice but to take up their flag and wave it unwillingly, only to know that my ricebowl is safe and peace be with me.

Nope, I'm not that kind of person. I like change. White is boring. Show me some colours. On my side, I can carve myself a bigger ricebowl, don't worry about that, I'm a very evolved caveman. On the other hand, I also have the need to look up to a higher order that actually works, by means of making a better place to live in, by making its people a priority, by truly safeguarding its assets and security, and not by means of suppressants and threats and hidden-words-crouching-whiteass situations.

Whoever is reading this, vote for what works. Whoever it may be, they have the next 5 years to prove it. For me, I'm just giving others to prove themselves too.

January 5, 2011

Rock my world

I posted something about this awesome device before, I can't remember when...

Now check out the video...

The best thing is, now I've got it. I love you baby for the wonderful gift! Totally sated my gadget-crave. And I don't even care if the sound quality isn't top-notch.

December 6, 2010

what it takes to be better...

Had an argument. Over something I commented. For what should be an honest unbiased opinion becomes an insensitive unnecessary behavior/attitude.

On the way home, I pondered to make sense of it all. I usually have a straight answer for things but when it comes to my other half, I always had to have something to screw things up. Something about me at some point of time had to react in someway somehow and then it ends up a mistake I didn't even realise.

Thanks to me, I do not have anything to be proud of. Thanks to me, I do not see my own faults. Thanks to me, a disappointment.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

June 21, 2010

toons revisited...

Ok back from movie. Toy Story 3 IS good as ever. The same old cast are back, among some new wacky characters. A great watch to end the day.

Alright, back to storytime from the land of smiles.

As usual, it's shopping gala for the woman. Baby bought some good steals, being especially proud of her cosmetic heist. Even for a makeup fool like me can say that if you don't buy them there, you are s.t.e.w.p.i.d. Most of my steals are food. Cheap food is what GSS should be all about man. Who needs cheap clothes?

And lucky for me, I was spared the atrocious monopoly of broadcasting brats to be able to catch World Cup live in the comfort of my bed, complimentary of the ever kind and generous Thai media body which didn't think of joining the profiteering fray, unlike our local "Singbell and Starcub", if you know what I mean. Plus plenty of beer to go along of course. Drink, drank, Goooaaaallll!!!

There was Discovery Channel as well. I caught an episode of Ghost Lab. Sweet stuff, so I thought I could do some experimenting on my own, since I heard so many accounts of paranormal activities in this part of the land. So one fine night, while baby was sleeping, I logged into Youtube and loaded epsiodes of Ghost Lab, made sure everywhere was dark and eerie, placed my laptop on the desk with a wall mirror facing me, plugged in my earphones and I'm set. Perfect setting for paranormal activity. So I watched the episodes, hoping maybe something might happen in the room as well.

**After 2 hours...**

Ok, nothing. Maybe ghosts and beer don't mix. I was drinking while watching LOL. BORING. I slept soundly that night without even a dream. BUSTED.

Down the road from the hotel was a condominium. A portion of the sales poster read, "Starting from 12 MB". That's 12 million THB. Which is about a little more than 500K SGD. Goodness. With that amount here can only buy a 5-room flat probably? There, it's one freaking condo unit. The best thing is, the building's 34 floors high and get this: it's 1 floor 1 unit. KNN.

So you see why I can't blame myself for being afraid to return to SG. Damn it. I really don't see why I had to give 2 years of my life to the country for naught. Now that I'm back, it's hermit mode for a long time while I endure the wihdrawal symptoms. Totally not cool. Even baby felt sick upon landing...tsk...see? It's not just me.

the hottest days and the wildest nights....

9 freaking days in a foreign land...woot...the longest I have stayed.

Coming back, GSS stands puny beside BKK.

Photos will come later. Basically baby was there to work, I was there to play LOL but of cos I have to carry a fair share of her ...oooppff...heavy...uugghh...equipment. Lucky never exceed allowance.

Touchdown at Suvarnabhumi brings familiarity. Everything outside the terminal are as normal. None of the suspicious people in red or yellow. Very good. First things first, haggle taxi price to hotel but I think now they more organized. They even have counters to serve you. Funny sia, taxi uncles trying to be like check-in counter staff. I call it a cartel. Obviously lidat they can control price better. Somehow I rather these people not get smarter...tsk.

We got ourselves a serviced apartment. The room was so big and got better amenities than a standard hotel room. Nice. I spent a good time figuring how to work the washing machine while baby is away at work. Success. Ironing was a failure though. The bloody iron was leaking black rust literally. Spoilt hardware is a definite no-no. I gave my best impression of Mr Bean's disgruntled face to the room service staff when she came by. Success. New iron delivered immediately.

Buildings in BKK are typically short so at the 11th floor I had a good view out the window. Very good for panaromic shots.

I had pretty much time to myself while baby was away. Though I feel like exploring on my own, it doesn't feel right that I'm doing it without baby. Not as if I'm backpacking alone. I reckoned I will just walk around the area which was just fine since I'm not really keen on haggling prices to travel around. There's so much more to see when I'm not on wheels.

After baby finished her work at her event, we spent the evenings mostly exploring night markets. Imagine once, I was actually mistakenly thought to be a stall owner by some ang-mo, asking me "how much?". I was like "WWHHHAAATTTT? No no, me not thai but you gimme money I take, kap koon krap!". Well he wasn't apologetic at all and just turned away looking for the owner. I had to make sure he saw me rolling my bloody eyeballs at him before I bumped his shoulder purposefully and walked away with a fuck-care face.

I wanted so much to try the famous mango rice at Siam Sq but it got burned down. There's another outlet at Central World but that whole bloody building got burned down too. WWHHHAAATTTT!!! It's like, you got the whole of BKK to burn but you just had to burn down that mall. WTF. If you had wanted to make a statement, why don't you just burn yourselves up? That will really say something, ain't it? Mango rice gone, not cool.

There's lots more to say but I'm off to watch Toy Story 3. To be continued...


May 6, 2010

Operation Cutoff - Day 1(continued)

It's not going smoothly at all. Do withdrawal symptoms include shorter tempers?

It's only 3/4 of the day gone and I'm already pissed. I dunno why there can be such an argument over a matter that is totally unrelated to the other party.

I need a cold shower man. Like now.

I'm supposed to feel good right? Why is it going the other way?

Operation Cutoff - Day 1

As I dumped my lighter into the bin with longing last night, I realised I had puffed away 10 good years since I was 19.

I made a promise to cut it down and eventually quit it. So today will be my first day of total abstinence, after a period of gradually maintaining some sense of control against the urge. Let's just see how long I can keep this up.

 I never thought I would ever heed this sign...

April 27, 2010

I'm a winner...like for once

Logged in to my twitter today and saw this msg:
Congratulations you are a winner in the Convergent Systems X-Mini giveaway.

then a link...

LOL...It's nice to see myself win something out of nowhere. And so I went down to the stated office address and received this:
So heng. I guess my spamming on Twitter and FB during the IT Show paid off. Apparently one of these cost about $50 retail price?(It is going for $50 on eBay anyway)

Cool. (^.^)y